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Gables Estates is a quiet and unique waterfront community of high quality homes nestled in on the water's edge of Coral Gables, "the City Beautiful", one of the most desirable communities in South Florida. This exclusive, lush community encompasses over two hundred acres of Coral Gables' shoreline and represents the ultimate expression in sophisticated living.

Gables Estates is easily recognized worldwide as one of the most prestigious waterfront addresses in the country with easy access to Miami’s International Airport, the University of Miami, Biscayne Bay, National Parks and the Greater Miami Area. Developed originally in the early 1960′s by renown industrialist, Arthur Vining Davis, this secure community encompasses 192 lots with wide, deep water, sea walled canals which wind their way through magnificent estate homes. Membership in the Gables Estates Club, Inc., is a prerequisite to purchasing property.