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What does the Association do?

Your home belongs to the Community of Gables Estates Club, Inc., (HOA). The Association assesses a fee for membership to the community. A Board of Directors guides the Association. The Board is a gubernatorial body that regulates and enforces the Rules and Covenants set forth by the developer of Gables Estates and later, the Board of Governors of Gables Estates Club, Inc., to help maintain improve and evolve the way of life in our community.

Who are the Members of the Board?

The members of the Board of Governors are residents who volunteer their time and efforts in serving the community. These members are elected to their position. The Board of Governors meets at a minimum of four times a year, with a Semi Annual Meeting held each April and an Annual Meeting held each November. The Board employs a full time Administrator to carry out the direction of the Board on running the day-to-day affairs of the Community. Residents wishing to address the Board directly must clear date and time with the Administrator.

What are the duties of the Administrator?

To maintain and oversee the welfare of the community as directed by the Board of Governors. The Administrator consults directly with the Board and complies with the Homeowners Association Statue. Questions and concerns should be addressed to the Administrator.

What are the Rules of the Association?

The “charter”, “by laws”, “declaration of protective covenants and restrictions” are found in the Homeowners Association Document provided to homeowners at the time the Association approves Membership into the Gables Estates Club, Inc., Homeowners Association. Extra copies are available by request to the Administrator.

What does the Association fee cover?

24 hour security Common area landscaping Maintenance of common areas Administrator Salary & Handyman Salary

When can I place my kitchen trash out?

Trash can be placed out after 6:00 pm the evening before your scheduled pick up day or the morning of the trash collection. The City of Coral Gables advises homeowners to leave trash cans by the garage and the gates to the property open. The trash collectors are aware they have to go on the property to pickup the trash. Trash is collected on Monday and Thursday.

When can I place the bulk trash out?

Bulk trash is picked up Thursday morning. The bulk is only allowed to be placed outside your home Wednesday after 6:00pm.

What are the hours for construction/landscaping?

Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm. Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

What are the requirements for any improvement to my home?

The City of Coral Gables and the HOA require approval for exterior paint and any other major renovation. HOA requires approval of landscape changes as well. (Please see Architectural Review Board Guidelines and form in the Homeowners Documents.)

Are Real Estate Signs allowed?

Yes, on residential property only. Must adhere to City code for size and location of placement of sign.

I am entertaining guests at my home, what is the policy for parking?

HOA recommends Valet parking for all parties. Although the streets are public, we ask that you be considerate of other residents. Valet parking is a nice treat for your guests, helps keep the streets orderly and prevents guests being ticketed for illegal parking.

What is the role of the Wackenhut Guards?

The Guards main duty is to patrol the streets and waterway of the community, monitor all incoming traffic and deter crime. If there is a major security problem contact the Coral Gables Police or call 911 for help. The Guards will provide daily incident reports they witnessed during their shift to the Administrator.